Milenyum Conveyor operates in various regions, primarily in our country, European countries, and the United States. Recently, with the increasing demand, the company has expanded its activities to include the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Our products consist of conveying and filtration systems. Additionally, our company, which adapts to the evolving and innovative technology, continues its R&D efforts on smart conveying systems.

At Milenyum Conveyor, we understand that the path to success lies in providing our customers with quality, fast, and innovative products.

We offer technical and consultancy support 24/7, both before and after sales, to serve our customers. We meet the system needs of businesses with CNC machining equipment in the industrial sector, such as chip evacuation and cutting oil filtration, necessary for the transportation of your products. We continuously innovate in the design of products like steel pallet chip conveyor, bottom scraping chip conveyor, drum filter chip conveyor, helical chip conveyor, magnetic chip conveyor, chip cart, chip loading unloading elevator, chip conversion system, chip crusher, chip centrifuge, paper filter separator, magnetic unit, central filtration system, elevator conveyor.

Therefore, the new job description "Moving into the Future" is a roadmap for what our company aims to become and how we will achieve it.

Gaining the trust of our customers, contributing to their success, and integrating industry advancements into our products are fundamental principles for us.